Relationships are transformed to happier place with Couples Therapy

Living from the Heart is program, which guides you to find balance and stability between the mind and heart.

Relationships are explored as a sacred path helping us to learn more about ourselves. Living from The heart works in a caring way, respecting and responding to your needs as an individual and couple.

A glimpse of Individual Therapy

There are a number of workshops, retreats that living from the heart organizes. Individual therapy works towards changing and deepening the relationship with yourself as well as with others. By undergoing individual therapy you will be able to have healthier relationships. Undesirable patterns, emotional sufferings are overcome. You will learn new ways to overcome difficulties in a productive way that which is revealed through individual therapy.

Happiness in relationships can be found in Couples Therapy

Couples therapy helps couples create more loving relationships and marriages. Even when the partner is not prepared to collaborate, positive interventions can be brought about by an individual in the relationship through living from the heart’s therapy. Annoyance, irrelevance, harsh behaviors and more problems relating to relationships are treated in couples therapy london. Efficacious relationships are maintained through creating new behaviors that support two individuals in the relationship. The retreats and workshops also concentrate on psychosexual issues.

The founder of living from the heart has shown the right path for many individuals and couples helping them make deep changes by helping them create healthier relationships. A Number of relationships issues which can develop into difficulties and worries in your relationship can be transformed by seeking help from living from the heart. Online registrations can be made to attend their workshops or retreats, individual or couples therapy.


About the Author:

Aisha Ali maintains a Psychotherapy and Counselling practice in the UK, London. She is a Humanistic integrative Psychotherapist and psychosexual therapist, supervisor. In her free time, she likes to spend writing articles and blogs on various therapy’s. To read more write-ups related to therapy’s visit


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